The hustle of wonderful volunteers remained consistent to the end. Breathtaking Disney Princesses smiled and posed tirelessly for pictures allowing young ones to captivate beautiful memories on film. Mascots waved and gave out big hugs causing a chain reaction of giggles, while others stood speechless, awed that they are meeting SpongeBob in person! Contagious smiles spread all around. 
Truly an enormous blessing to have such caring and hardworking individuals, there to help in any way they can. Along with the tremendous support of very generous donors. What a difference we made, even on the day of “Nicholas's Festival” itself, giving joy to some very special children and their families who were there, knowing this day was especially for them. 
Nicholas will always be remembered and continues to change lives. I cannot thank you enough for helping 
me create this wonderful legacy in his name. Nicholas’s Festival will continue to make a difference.
Thank you with all my heart. 
Helping hands worked diligently setting up balloon displays, hanging banners, and displaying eye catching decorations, which caused captivating views to the busy drive-by traffic. What a terrific turnout. We absolutely raised awareness of Prader Willi Syndrome. It was rewarding to hear interested parties express so much care and interest, wondering how they can help. Fantastic! 
At a Glance…. 
Our 3rd Annual “Nicholas’s Festival” was held at Tilly Foster Farm on October 5th in Brewster, NY. It was an amazing day. 

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